Mobile Command Vehicle

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Mobile Command Vehicle was put into service in April 2011 and is fully equipped with communications and computer technology to make this unit a self sufficient emergency command post. With this vehicle, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is more prepared than ever to respond to emergency situations within Harrison County or elsewhere when the need arises. Captain Walter Pitts has been tasked with the responsibility for the day-to-day management and scheduling of the vehicle

The features of the Mobile Command vehicle are many; including a conference room, 5 computer work stations, a computerized “smart board” and the ability to allow for video conferencing. A vast array of communication sources are available to include radios, cell and satellite telephones and internet access to allow for virtually unlimited communication potential with other law enforcement and public safety agencies. Along with the listed communications potential, the Mobile Command Vehicle can receive, via a video down link system, live video from the Sheriff’s Office helicopters to officers on the ground and is able to send that same live video to any computer and or smart phone.

The vehicle is equipped with a GPS system for navigation. Cable and satellite TV’s with VCR were installed allowing command post personnel to monitor local media coverage. Closed circuit cameras on two 56′ masts with a 360 degree turn will provide the ability of videotaping happenings outside the vehicle which can be used for analysis or later critique. A Kohler 20KW diesel powered generator provides an independent power source.

Uses of the Mobile Command Vehicle are many including responses to emergency or crisis situations. The benefit of this vehicle is not only to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department but to other public safety organizations. The vehicle can also be made available for joint operations with city, county, state or federal law enforcement agencies. The Mobile Command Vehicle is available and can quickly be deployed in an emergency to any area of the state.

As the process of providing law enforcement and public safety services becomes more challenging, police agencies are being required to embrace new technology and use it to their advantage. The Mobile Command Vehicle is a complex vehicle that will help us address the complex situations that we face today in law enforcement and the challenges that await us in the future.

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