The Aviation Division consists of two helicopters, an OH-6 and an OH-58. The OH-6 helicopter is known as a Hughes 369A in its civilian version and the OH-58 is equivalent to a civilian Bell Jet Ranger.

The Sheriff’s Department in Harrison County has operated helicopters since the late 1970’s. The aircraft operated has included two Bell 47 Helicopters, a Bell UH-1 Huey and a Cessna 150 Airplane. The present helicopters were both obtained through Federal assistance and are former military aircraft.

These aircraft are used in a variety of missions including manhunts, traffic control, and aerial surveillance. Aviation services are available to all law enforcement in Harrison County and the surrounding law enforcement agencies at no cost to the requesting agency. These aircraft are equipped with a wide variety of radios, search lights and FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radar).

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